Announcing the first ever Raleigh SEO event

2011 January 5
by admin

Have you ever attended an internet marketing conference and thought:

If this was free, skipped straight to the networking and didn’t require sitting through hours of PowerPoint showing me how to wipe my own ass, it would be a pretty cool conference!

If so, welcome my brothers and sisters to Raleigh SEO – the SEO conference without the boring conference part!

Raleigh SEO is the younger sibling of the world famous London SEO networking events, we’re now bringing beer and banter across the pond to our US brethren.

What’s it all about?

Raleigh SEO is a bi-monthly networking event held in a different bar each time, welcoming SEOs, Affiliates, PPC Managers, Marketers and people passionate about Search Engine witchcraft. It was started in the UK by 3 wise men, after noticing that SEOs (especially in rivalling marketing agencies) never got a chance to chat, swap ideas and make friends with others in their industry.

How much does it cost?

There is no cost to attend, plus we also supply you with free beer. Each event is sponsored and we rotate sponsors for every event in order to prevent any bias. Although Raleigh SEO was started by the SEO Agency Ayima, we want people from other agencies to feel welcome and loved at our events.

Is the beer really free?

Well, that depends how thirsty you are really. Each event sponsor sets a budget and puts their card behind the bar. Attendees are then welcome to drink draught beer, domestic bottled beer, soft drinks and (depending on the location) wine, until the budget runs out. This stops the sponsor from getting stung by record-breaking beer drinkers and people who talk the bar staff into putting a bottle of Absinthe onto the bill.

I don’t know you, am I welcome?

You don’t have to be on Matt Cutts’ speed dial in order to attend our shindigs. Didn’t he go to NC State? If you’d like to chat to fellow SEOs, Affiliates, PPC people (yes, even PPC people) or other people interested in SEO – you’re always welcome at our events. If you’d like to travel to one of our events from outside of Raleigh or even outside of North Carolina, that’s absolutely fantastic and encouraged. We only ask that you don’t abuse the invitation by bringing your mates/family/bookie along, unless they’re really into SEO of course.

Enough chatting! Where and when is the first event?!

Who’s sponsoring your first event?

The first event will be sponsored by the SEO agency Ayima, who will cover (roughly) the first 300 pints of beer poured. Enough for us all to have a good time and start sharing secrets, knowledge and business cards.

What do I do when I arrive?

Look for people in Raleigh SEO T-Shirts, you can then swap your business card for a trendy Raleigh SEO wristband. The wristband will entitle you to acquire refreshments at the bar.

We look forward to meeting you all very soon!

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